Monday, September 5, 2016

Honey Island Swamp Tour

On our way to Boonville Mississippi we stopped at Honey Island Swap Tours to tour the swamp and bayou!!  Not sure what to expect I decided to be brave and do it!  My fear was snakes and I hoped to God I didn't see one...,,,,my prayers were answered!!!  

The swamp at the back of the store where you register for your tour!!!

On the boat riding down the Bayou!  

We learned the difference between a Swamp & a Bayou!!  A SWAMP is a flooded area of forest and a BAYOU is a body of moving water.  Captain Hunter was our guide for the tour!!   

I have more pictures on my camera that I will pull off later.  I will post more pictures and more about the swamp tour later!  

Our Last Day In New Orleans

New Orleans has been fabulous!  I have loved every minute of our time in the French Quarter!!   

We started our day with coffee and Breakfast including New Orlean's Beignets at Café Beignet!   

Inside Café Beignet!!  A small but quaint Cafe.  

Next stop was one of the many cemeteries in New Orleans!  We caught the Trolly that took us to the end of the line with many cemeteries right there!  We weren't able to get to Metairie Cemetery as I had hoped.  We would have had to drive to that one and we didn't want to be doing any driving once we parked at the parkade.  

The Cemeteries are really unique with the graves being above ground in crypts.  Of course picked the hottest dat to walk the cemeteries!  

Back on the Trolly we road to the Bourbon Street stop!!! 

First stop was the Monteleone Carousel Bar!  We timed that perfect, as we walked two seats at the carousel opened up!!  

New Orleans Hurricane Drink!   Very tasty!!!  

It was a really neat experience to sit and enjoy a drink as the bar rotated around the room!  

Next stop as we made our way on up Bourbon Street was a Tropical Isle for a Handgrenade  ~ New Orleans strongest cocktail.  Tropical Isle even has the Handgrenade drink patented so no other bar can legally make or sell them.   

After a couple Handgrenades it was time to move on.   

Next stop Lafittes's Blacksmith Shop.  The oldest bar in New Orleans since 1772.  This was truly like stepping back in time!  There is very little power in the bar, only in certain areas the rest is lite by candles.  

After enjoying the old world charm of Laffite's we were off to Frenchman Street!!!  

We stopped in at Maringe Brasserie for a bite to eat and a cocktail!!  

We tried the Truffle Fries.....Oh My God I need to find some White Truffle Oil.  Those fries were sooooo good!!  Boudin Balls.....Yum omg they are so good!!!  Might have to try them once more before we hit Texas!!!  

Mama's Moonshine Cocktail made with FireFly Strawberry Moonshine.  Yum!!!  

Time to make our way back to the French Quarter and to the Quarter House!!  

On the way back we see this car that a guy has been decking out with stained glass, coins, watch faces, beads and other unique items!!  

A great way to spend our last day/night in New Orleans!!! 

Steamboat Natchez

We took in the Sunset Jazz Cruise on the Steamboat Natchez.  The best thing is you get lights of the city at night too.  

I will write another post later when I get my other photos off my camera.  


French Market District

We headed off for some retail therapy and sight seeing down to the French Market District!!   So many unique shops in this area!!  

Our first stop was at Huck Finn's for lunch!  

My lunch meal ~ Alligator Bites and Alligator Sausage.  

Al's lunch ~ Med Well Cheese Burger.

St James Church!!  

Stopped at The Gazebo for a cold lemonade and listen to some Jazz music.  

After Che king out the French Market District we headed back to the Quarter House to rest up before taking the Sunset Jazz Cruise on the Mississippi River!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Off To Bourbon Street

After we got settled into our room we were off to explore New Orleans!!   We started with a couple of drinks at Sneaky Pete's then on to the Mahogany Room for free wine and cheese.  An hour, we decided it was time to continue exploring.   We made our way to Bouron Street....this is kind of like Fremont St in Las Vegas you are going to see things you won't see anywhere else.  Lots of beggars and they are bold they will step in front of you and stop you right there.  You just walk around them and say no.  Some create little scams like saying they can spell your last name which the spell "you last name" or they tell you they can tell you where you got your shoes, which is on your feet on Bourbon Street in New Orleans Louisiana!   At least they are trying more than just asking. 

Pouring a Lucid Absente drink at the Mahogany Room!!  Was really cool to watch it change colours from a clear green to a clouded green!

Bourbon Street reminds me of Fremont Street what you see her you have to have an open mind and somethings you can't unsee!!!  

We ended up stopping at Huge Ass Beers!  We didn't get any farther than that.  They had a band that played really good variety of music.  One of the guys even looked like Woody Harlson!!  

Al is trying for a new job!!!  This sign got us to stop at this bar!!!  

Huge Ass Beers (30 oz) and Half Ass Beers (16 oz) Al and I each drank 5 of these!!!  

The Band!!  These guys were really good!!  They played a variety of music!!!

By the time the band was done playing we were feeling pretty good and hungry so we decided to head for Daisy Dukes just down from the Quarter House!!  

Alligator Sausage, Fried Green Tomatoes, Biscuit, Gumbo and Etoufee.  

A different beer we tried and didn't enjoy it very much!!