Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sandos Caracol - Arrival

We departed Saskatoon at 5:40am for Cancun Mexico an landed a half hour early.  We had a decent tail wind pushing us to Mexico.  The weather was sunny and warm.....okay it was hot!!  Cleared customs, gathered our luggage and through immigration and out the airport within an hour.  We were greeted by our transfer with cool clothes to cool off and freshen our faces.  We got to the resort shortly after 1pm.  

We lucked out with one room ready so we were able to change out of our travel clothes into beach attire!!  Then it is off to the Royal Elite Members pool area!  We enjoyed our lunch by the pool....Shrimp Tempura, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Shrimp Cocktail, Calimari and Beef Sandwiches.  Yummmmmm. It was nice to see the servers we've met on previous trips.

We hit the beach....we found beach beds and enjoyed the view, even had a snooze listening to the sounds of the Caribbean Sea!!! Relaxation at it's best!!

The view from our balcony!!!  This is the best view we've had yet!  Seriously going to request this room on future visits!!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

4 Days and Counting

4 days 17 hours until we depart Saskatoon -YXE for Cancun CUN for 3 + wonderful weeks in Paradise aka our Mexican home.  I am so looking forward to this vacation...it will be the longest we have spent in Mexico and our daughter and her boyfriend are coming with us for the first half of the trip then we are being joined for the last half of the trip by our Manitoba friends. 

Our first 2 nights/3 days will be at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort.  This will be a great way to start our vacation.  We arrive early in Mexico so we get a nice time at the resort the first day.  We move over to the Condo on our third day in Mexico......it will be like living there...one of the locals.

We have a few things planned for our stay.  One thing that we'll have to figure out an alternative for is going to snorkel with the turtles in Akumal Bay as it has been temporarily suspended by Profepa.  They say due to overcrowding in the bay due to outside companies that have not set limits to how many people can be out there.  In January Profepa monitored how many were snorkeling in Akumal Bay and verified that 3,617 tourists were snorkeling with the turtles, twice the allowed number of people.  Now this is companies that offer tours to swim with the turtle but thinking it also affects those that come on their own to the beach to snorkel as well. 

The next 4 days are going to fly by so fast....still have a few last minute things to pick up and do.


We arrived at our destination in Boonville Mississippi around 7:30pm on Friday September 2nd.  Our plans were to head up to Memphis Tennessee to visit Graceland on Saturday and then to Shiloh Tennessee on Sunday to tour the Civil War sites.

Turns out Saturday was opening day of Dove Season and we were invited to a gathering that evening.  Al was really tired and I didn't have the heart to wake him so we decided to take the day to relax and unwind and visit with Bonnie & Sim!!  

Saturday was also our 28th Anniversary, what better way to spend the day than with our son in-laws aunt and uncle!  Al and Sim headed in town mid afternoon to pick up some stuff for the gathering. Upon their return Al hands me a bag....yippie he found the FireFly Strawberry Moonshine for me!   

I can make some Mama's Moonshine Cocktails when I get home!  Might have to put up another bottle of this wonderful nector of the South!!  

We head off to Jason's place for a gathering of their friends and family and a feast of Catfish, Dove, Chicken Pieces and Fries!   Both Dove and Catfish are firsts for us!!  Oh My God the Dove is DELICIOUS....the Catfish was so good too.  The meal was awesome!  I wish we had Dove at home.  Later that evening they cut into the largest Watermelon I have ever seen.  

That is half the watermelon, this one weighed 30 lbs!!  

Sitting around I noticed the beautiful sunset that was taking place.  Captured a few pics on my cellphone!  These photos don't do the colors of the Mississippi Sunset justice!!  Absolutely beautiful!!!

Sunday the plan was head off for breakfast to the Huddle House and then head to Corinth and Shiloh for the day!   Turned out Sim had wretched his back and didn't sleep very well Saturday night.  We said no worries spending the day at home visiting is great too.  

So after coffee and a morning visit we headed off for the Huddle House for Brunch.  

OMG......so good!!!