Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3D Museum of Wonders

One of the things to do that was on our list to do was the 3D Museum of Wonders Playa Del yesterday that is what we did.  This place is really cool, it is an interactive museum.  You either go barefoot, in socks or use a pair of the nylon footies they supply you which are new for each guest.  We spent 2+ hours here.  It was so much fun and so cool.....we all really enjoyed it.

I put together a little video of some of the photos from our time at the museum.


On Sunday we headed out early to XpuHa a hidden gem in the area.  We got a cab to drive us there and wait for us to bring us home for 450 pesos each way.  Turned out our cab driver waited for us at the beach and didn't charge us anything for waiting, we thought he would just be coming back to pick us up when we asked if he could do that and he said yes that can be done.

 Kim and I headed off to find a restaurant for a drink and a bite to eat....with the purchase of food and drink over 200 Pesos when you leave you show your receipt and give them the wrist band you get at entry and you your get your entry fee back.


Seafood Platter


Our Feast

 We definitely will return to XpuHa on return vacations to Mexico.  This is truly a hidden gem.  The key is to arrive early, we arrived around 10:30 - 11:00 we had lots of choices of beach beds, loungers & palapas to sit under.  It costs about 100 Pesos to rent these but you have them for the 1pm there were none to found to rent.

El Gusto Jarocho

We met up with Kim & Ted for supper at El Gusto Jarocho.  The menu is of my favourites.

Coconut Shrimp
OMG.....this was so yummy!! The shrimp were huge and the flavor was amazing. 

Al had the fish fillets....for the life of me I can't recall what type of fish it was but it was very very tasty.

Kim had the Seafood was 2 fish fillets with a seafood stuffing that was similar to a soup....again very tasty!!

Ted had the Shrimp Kabobs.....another very tasty dish.

All in All El Gusto Jarocho did not disappoint.  The food was so good, the service excellent.  Because you are off the tourist areas you have to expect that not much English is spoken.  Our Spanish lessons on Duolingo are paying off as we were able to communicate much better than we were on our last trip to Playa del Carmen.   The staff were very good helping us learn words we didn't know, we'd point on the menu and they would help us understand it in Spanish.  

The restuarant seems to have two sides.....I am thinking they expanded or it is just how it was laid out when they opened.

A great little seafood restaurant that gets 5 stars from us for the food, the service and the atmosphere. 

Visiting Sandos Playacar

While we were staying at Sandos Playacar we can go visit the sister resort for the day as our bands are good at both extra charge and you get to enjoy the amenities of another resort.  We took a day with the kids to head over to Playacar, hoped in a Taxi and we were off.  The beach at Playacar is definitely better than at Caracol but that being said at Caracol you can snorkel right off the beach as there is a coral reef right there.  The Royal Elite area at Caracol is much better than at Playacar.  Al and the kids joined in a volleyball game, Meagan was the savior there you could say the team she joined could score a point till she stepped in and they ended up winning.  We enjoyed supper at the buffet before heading back to Caracol.  A few pics from our day.

Cupcake Cafe
We stopped in here for a Cafe Americano and a cupcake before exploring more of Playacar



 Bahama Mama!!  

It was a great day spent at Sandos Playacar!!

Saying Good Bye

Ten days go by way to fast especially when you are having fun.  We knew the day would come when we would have to say Adios to the kids....they would have loved to stay here with us and we would have loved to have them stay with us but they had to get back home to work.  I wasn't looking forward to that day as I knew I would have a few tears as much as I was hoping I wouldn't they were there.....

The kids went home to snow....lots of it and cold temperatures.  A storm hit home the day before and the day they left.  We were all hoping their flight would be delayed till the next day to give us one more day but alas all flights were going to YXE-Saskatoon.  

They landed safely, it was cold and so much more snow than when we left for CUN-Cancun.  The highways were good which was by biggest worry that the 1 hour drive home would be horrible.  Once home and unloaded their luggage they got stuck in the parking lot of their apartment.  

We had a great time with the kids and it was hard to see them go home.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Pool Day

We have been enjoying the pool at the condo pretty much daily!!!  Friday night we invited our Mexican Family over for a swim and Supper.  

Al was unable join in the pool fun as he had an infected insect bite on his ankle but he did sit by the pool with us.  

Tres mujers y una nina

Tres amigos

Our awesome meal cooked by Franklin & Bernice!!!   

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Deep Sea Fishing

Friday morning was an early start....up at 6:30 am to have breakfast and get ready for our 7:30am pick to go deep sea fishing with La Reina Sport Fishing.

Our Captain Lucio

Baiting the line

Al's Mahi Mahi the only catch of the day that made it in the boat we lost a Sail a Fish and a Mahi Mahi 

Enjoying our catch of the day for supper!!!  Yummmmmm!! N