Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Visiting Sandos Playacar

While we were staying at Sandos Playacar we can go visit the sister resort for the day as our bands are good at both extra charge and you get to enjoy the amenities of another resort.  We took a day with the kids to head over to Playacar, hoped in a Taxi and we were off.  The beach at Playacar is definitely better than at Caracol but that being said at Caracol you can snorkel right off the beach as there is a coral reef right there.  The Royal Elite area at Caracol is much better than at Playacar.  Al and the kids joined in a volleyball game, Meagan was the savior there you could say the team she joined could score a point till she stepped in and they ended up winning.  We enjoyed supper at the buffet before heading back to Caracol.  A few pics from our day.

Cupcake Cafe
We stopped in here for a Cafe Americano and a cupcake before exploring more of Playacar



 Bahama Mama!!  

It was a great day spent at Sandos Playacar!!

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