Wednesday, March 15, 2017


On Sunday we headed out early to XpuHa a hidden gem in the area.  We got a cab to drive us there and wait for us to bring us home for 450 pesos each way.  Turned out our cab driver waited for us at the beach and didn't charge us anything for waiting, we thought he would just be coming back to pick us up when we asked if he could do that and he said yes that can be done.

 Kim and I headed off to find a restaurant for a drink and a bite to eat....with the purchase of food and drink over 200 Pesos when you leave you show your receipt and give them the wrist band you get at entry and you your get your entry fee back.


Seafood Platter


Our Feast

 We definitely will return to XpuHa on return vacations to Mexico.  This is truly a hidden gem.  The key is to arrive early, we arrived around 10:30 - 11:00 we had lots of choices of beach beds, loungers & palapas to sit under.  It costs about 100 Pesos to rent these but you have them for the 1pm there were none to found to rent.

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