Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Laura Plantation

Our second Plantation tour was of the Laura Plantation, a Creole Plantation.  The families of the Laura Plantation were French speaking Catholic Creole people.  It is also one of the only plantations that was ran by 3 generations of women because the men all died at a young age before they could inherit the plantation.

Taken from a photo of Laura when she attended a Marty Grais party in New Orleans. 

 In front of the Grand House of the Laura Plantation

Back of the Grand House on the Laura Plantation.

 The Grand House ~ Laura Plantation a Creole Plantation

 Slave cabins on the Laura Plantation.

 Slaves and their values based on today's money values.

St Joseph Planation

Our first plantation tour was of St Joseph plantation.  The first name of the plantation was Priestly Plantation.  St Joseph Plantation is still an operating Sugar Planation and is still owned and operated by descendants of Joseph Waguespack.  Joseph purchased the plantation at a Sheriff's auction following the civil war.  Joseph's descendants the Waguespack's and Simon families have restore the plantation and kept the sugarcane plantation operating for over 135 years.  We met two of Joseph's great great great grandchildren. 
 Front gate to the St Joseph Plantation

The Front Porch of the Grand House
 Standing in one room taking a photo all the way to the other side of the house through the door ways.  It is pretty neat how you can see all the way across the house from one room to another. 

The back of the Grand House.  The architecture of the plantation homes is amazing.  The Grand House of St Joseph Plantation was built by slaves when the Priestly Family owned the plantation. 

This is a slave cabin with the sugar pot in front that was used for cooking down the sugar cane. 

 Slave cabins on the plantation. 
After the Civil War ended and the slaves were freed many stayed on at the plantations and became paid staff.  The plantation owner created their own script that was worthless everywhere except the plantation store.  The first three pictures are of the script.  

A record of the value of the slaves on the plantation in 1858.  This is the value used when the Priestly family sold the plantation so that they would be paid for the slaves according to the correct value.

Taken from the back door of the plantation.  

We met Jim Simon, he is one of the great great great grandsons to Joseph Waguespack.  Jim was raised in the grand house with many of his parents, aunt & uncle and cousins.  He goes out to the plantation a few days a week to tend the gardens, trees and grounds.  Jim is 82 years old and looks like he is more like 70 years old.

These are two former slave cabins that were modified and used still to this day by family members that still live on the plantation.

 Now we are heading off to the Laura Plantation

Monday, August 29, 2016

Donaldsonville Louisiana

We arrived at our first destination around 7pm.  We got checked in to the Best Western Plantation Inn then we headed out for supper to The First and Last Chance est 1921 at the recommendation of the girl working the front desk of the hotel.   This is a little local sports bar/restaurant that has been in the same family since 1921.  The staff are so friendly and the food really good.  The owner walks around talking with the guests.  You not only get great food but great entertainment by the staff!  

Lastly our meal!! 

I had the Fried Jumbo Shrimp!

Al had the Chicken Fried Steak!

American Road Trip ~ Day 1

We arrived yesterday afternoon in Houston a little late due to a storm system in northern Texas.  My cousin picked us up from the airport then took us on a quick tour around Houston before we headed out for supper with her and her hubby!

Once back at their place we visited till we were nearly dozing off.  After a good night's sleep, coffe and a visit with my cousin we were off to pick up the rental vehicle and ready to start the road trip part of our holiday! 

Leaving Houston it seemed to take forever to get out of the city!  As it turns out Houston and about 5 other cities all run into each other!   It rained like crazy on our way out.  The interchanges and overpasses are unbelievable for this prairie girl.   We started out on a six lane freeway and ended up on single lanes at times. 

A few pictures from our day!!  

Praying Mantis on the window of my cousun's place!  First time I have ever seen one of these.  

Mud Grubber building it's nest!

Coming up to the cosway.  

 The swap on each side of the cosway!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

We're On Our Way

After 11 months of planning our American Road Trip Vacation it is finally here.  We'll be departing in 1 hour from Saskatoon John G Diefenbaker International Airport (YXE) for Calgary International Airport (YYC) when we will board our direct flight on WestJet to Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

We are all checked in at the airport, luggage is checked, security cleared and waiting for our boarding time for the first leg of our flight!  The flight crew just arrived at the gate, this is a good sign!!! 

Once in Calgary we'll just over 3 hours.  Once we've cleared customs we'll have breakfast and wait for our flight to Houston.  

Let The Holiday Begin

As of 1pm Friday August 26th I started my holidays.  Although it didn't feel like holidays until this morning.  We spent yesterday evening with at our daughter and son in-laws, we had a great supper with Trent and his dad who was up visiting for the night.  Our plan was to stay up as late as possible last night so we can sleep in Saturday morning.  We have to leave home Saturday morning in the early hours for the I think we were successful in getting our first day of holidays off the way we wanted.....went to bed around 4am and slept till nearly noon.

Hubby is getting us checked in on our flights!! Have a few things left to pack and then it is relax until it is time to head to the airport!!

I have my SmashBook all ready to go, have a few stickers, white card stock squares to journal events of the day on, pens, tape runner and a few embellishments all packed in my divided folder which is all packed into my neoprene case.  Camera bag is all packed, decided to only take the one lens that goes from 18mm - 270mm also taking our little pocket camera for times when I don't want to be taking out the big camera....mostly at night!!  Selfie stick is packed, love this little gadget for time when we both want to be in the photo and no one around to take a photo of us we have the cell phone and selfie stick.

I would say we are pretty much ready to go!!!

Finish the last minute things and relax the rest of the day!!!

Let our vacation begin!!   USA Here We Come!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

10 Days & Counting

The count down in really on!!  10....9....8....7....6 ......soon it will be boarding time.  Hard to believe that in 10 days we are boarding a Westjet flight to Houston I am getting really excited.   I think I should start packing soon.    What to take.....a good pair of walking shoes will be needed especially in New Orleans!  Mostly casual clothes with maybe one outfit for dressing up to go out for supper in the evening.  Nice thing is we'll have access to a washer and dryer at each place we stay so won't have to over pack and there will be some clothes shopping too. 

Once we arrive in New Orleans there we'll be leaving the car parked in the parking garage.  We'll be making our way around New Orleans between walking, the trolley/bus, carriage rides and the occasional cab ride.  I picked up a new pair of Sketchers BOBs with memory foam insoles....oh they are so comfortable.....breaking them in over the next few days so that my feet don't give me too much problems. So much to see and do in New Orleans and only a few days there.....I see a return trip to NOLA in the future. 

We have 3 days in NOLA before heading up to Tupelo Mississippi for another 3 days with family then back to Houston for 4 days with my American Cousin. 

I need to pick up a few gifts for our family that we'll be visiting on our trip....better get to planning that sooner than later....

Yikes I still need to pick up a few items to take to be able to work on my Smash Book in the evenings after an adventurous day!!!  Time to make a list of what I need to pick up and what I need to do and what I plan to pack!!

So much to do and only 9 days left to do it in......5....4.....3.....2.....All A Board!!!