Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Saying Good Bye

Ten days go by way to fast especially when you are having fun.  We knew the day would come when we would have to say Adios to the kids....they would have loved to stay here with us and we would have loved to have them stay with us but they had to get back home to work.  I wasn't looking forward to that day as I knew I would have a few tears as much as I was hoping I wouldn't they were there.....

The kids went home to snow....lots of it and cold temperatures.  A storm hit home the day before and the day they left.  We were all hoping their flight would be delayed till the next day to give us one more day but alas all flights were going to YXE-Saskatoon.  

They landed safely, it was cold and so much more snow than when we left for CUN-Cancun.  The highways were good which was by biggest worry that the 1 hour drive home would be horrible.  Once home and unloaded their luggage they got stuck in the parking lot of their apartment.  

We had a great time with the kids and it was hard to see them go home.

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