Sunday, March 5, 2017

Coba Ruins

POn Wednesday morning our amigo Franklin picked us up at 8am to start our adventure to Coba and beyond.

Our first stop was in Tulum at an amazing road side Taco Restaurant.   When in Mexico do as the Mexicans do and have Tacos for breakfast.   

So many options to choose from for your taco....they are made to order!!

 Shrimp, Chicken & Cheese Stuffed Chili Pepper Tacos.......YUMMMMM the food was so good!  

Chicken Tacos

Next stop Coba

Walking around you can see where there are more ruins to be discovered.  The architecture is amazing to see how they built all this.  .

View half way up the Coba Pryamid
Breath taking!!!

 Panoramic View from the Coba Pryamid
Absolutely Breath Taking

After climbing down the Pryamid

To get to the other sites at the ruins we took pedi cabs....the guys peddling got pretty good speed going as we had a nice breeze riding through the jungle

Pedi cab ride through the jungle.  Was a great way to get around the ruins as they are spread out quite a lot.

Our Amigo & Guide for the day!!

After our tour of Coba we headed off to the Grande Cenote to swim and snorkel......  Then it was off to Tulum Ruins to end our day!! 

Driving along side the Caribbean Sea!! What a beautiful view!


Mi Hermano Mexicana - My Mexican Brother

Above the Caribbean Sea!!!

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