Thursday, March 2, 2017

Condo Day 1

We arrived at the condo just before 4pm.  Stanley the owner met us and showed all the things we need to know.  Over view is of the pool are from the back balcony 

Once we got settled in we headed off to pick up groceries at Chedraui.  This store is huge and lots of things to choose from!!   Once we payed for our groceries we were in the line for a taxi.  As we waited the hubby made a deal with a pedi can to take us and the groceries Meagan and I rode on the pedi cab with our groceries as Al and Josh walked home and got there right behind us.  That was a cool experience.  We gave the guy a good tip for peddling that bike cart with all our groceries and the two of us the couple of blocks home.   

We watched a movie then called it an early night.  

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